016-16 Desk Clock $40 SOLD

This unique design provides a nice setting for the battery operated mini quartz fitting in this desk clock. It has been turned from a nice piece of Maple with a rim of Wenge. The fitting is easily removed for battery replacement. The clock is approximately 3-1/2" x 4" dia. (11 x 9 cm).

073-15 Desk Clock and Pen $50 SOLD

The base of this set has been taken from a Redwood burl. The randomness of the shape provides a unique, one of a kind holder for the clock and pen. The pen has been turned from a nice piece of curly Maple. The clock is easily removed to replace the battery. The base is 3.25" wide x 2.5" high x 7.5" long (8 x 6.5 x 19 cm).

010-15 Potpourri Bowl $25

The interesting grain formation in this Oak bowl, along with the contrasting colours of the spring and summer growth rings, provide an excellent setting for the hummingbird lid. This bowl is 1.5" x 4" diameter (3.5 x 10 cm).

069-15 Lidded box with finial $40 SOLD

This box and lid are turned from a piece of Maple burl which has an interesting pattern of natural spalting. The lid is fitted to a Cherry seat mounted in the box. The finial is also turned from Cherry. The size is 3.25" x 4" diameter (8 x 10 cm) not including the finial.